Hi, I want to implement this process and the set up seems to work for receiving but I cannot find a way to send the packaging back to vendor I use the material type LEIH and this is set up as qu, Vendor Return Packaging Process , MM (Materials Management) Forum
Returnable packaging has the stock indicator of V. It is very similar to consignment stock, which was dealt with in Chapter 4. You may also view returnable packaging at the customer's site by selecting SAP Menu | Logistics | Materials Management | Inventory Management | Environment | Consignment | [MB58] - Consignment at Customer. Then select Returnable Packaging at Customer, as seen in Figure 6-18.
These SAP stock types are not yet owned by the company even though they may be on the premises. For example, if a vendor sends goods that are visibly damaged at the time of receiving, they will be returned to the vendor and should not be processed into inventory. In this case the goods are received into blocked stock with no accounting entry. This is an example of a non-valuated stock type, as the ownership is …
Returnable Packaging Systems. Returnable packaging is available in a range of materials suitable for different transport and handling requirements. In most cases returnable packaging is designed to be collapsible, in order to reduce costs for return shipments. A returnable packaging solution is usually combined with customized inner packaging ...
With returnable packaging, you’ll be relying on the customer to send back your packaging once your goods have been received. Should your customer not follow through, you will be out the expense of those unreturned materials.
You can consider using SAP return packaging consignment method is SD. Which uses special stock type V. Though may need to consider the method to return th stock to the vendor, unless you can store the deposit article in your warehouse for a period of time. My initial idea is to use a vendor return PO.
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04/03/2019 · IPS has expertise in Returnable Packaging across the material spectrum. We provide solutions in Plastic Bins, Wooden Pallet Collars, Wooden Pallets, Steel Crates, Steel Foldable Metal Containers ...
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Returnable Packaging Logistics enables you to map these lending and borrowing relationships between business partners. That way you can track track the quantities of returnable packaging that are in circulation. For more information, see Returnable Packaging Logistics.
Efficient management of returnable packaging (RTI – Returnable Transport Items) is becoming much more relevant in a modern supply chain. The significance of this area is becoming more important as the utilization of RTI is becoming more popular in the logistic processes.
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Designation: SAP Consultant Company: Infosys Limited. Customer RTP When you sell goods to a customer, you may send the goods in returnable packaging.Bosch was founded in Stuttgart in by Robert Bosch and for more than years has been distinguished by a unique corporate culture based on solid values that drive us to improve every day. Our products, present in a wide variety of fields, that contribute to improve the quality of life of millions of people. Provide support to internal and external customers. Work within cross functional teams for support different Plant Projects. Experience in procurement, production planning, inventory control, supply chain, logistics, returnable packaging control, SAP system, preferred. Bosch is constantly expanding its international presence, since for us cultural diversity represents one of our greatest strengths. Frutas y verduras que te hacen bajar de peso rapido marcas de batidos para perder peso. berenjenas asadas al horno. entrenamiento para principiantes en el gimnasio. wafu smart lock hf-011a. que es la hemospermia o hematospermia. ... Lee mas